It's Your Message

You only get one chance to make a first impression.  The job market is saturated with thousands looking for work in the same field.

Raveal allows you to perfect your message: define your professional profile with a resume, portfolio, and social voice.

Have an in-depth career profile?  Give your visitors a pre-recorded audio introduction to help explain pertinent items.

Visual Search Engine

Visual Search Engine

Powerful Portfolio

Power Tools

Professional Resume


It's Your Influence

Raveal allows you to pull in your social voice to illustrate your passion for your work and your influence in the industry.

A recent survey by CareerBuilder found that 45% of employers use social networking sites to research candidates.  Another 11% plan on starting.  It is a growing trend.  The previous year, this number was 22%.

Rather than let them look at an uncontrolled message, pull in your professional networks and leave your personal ones behind.  Visitors to your profile see your pruned social voice.

It's Your Exposure

Raveal gives you exposure by indexing your profile with major search engines.  Raveal also provides a custom-built, visual search engine for employers and potential clients to search and find you. 

If your portfolio is above average, you'll find yourself featured on Raveal's Showcase.  We want people to find you.  But why wait around?  Within Raveal, you can pro-actively send prospects your public URL and a high-res PDF that includes both your resume *and* your portfolio.

What good is profile awareness if you can't measure it?  Raveal provides advanced profile statistics that show who viewed your profile, when they viewed it, what they viewed, and where they came from.

Professional Profile

Define your career goals, availability, public contact info.


Flexible, polished resume that is easily built and maintained.


Powerful, easy-to-use portfolio with support for professional file formats.


Your Social Voice brings in your ideas, views, and what you believe in.

Raveal's pricing plans fall into 2 categories: Free and Professional.
Free Professional

Creating a Free account gives you full access to Raveal features with the exception of the Social Voice, your custom domain, Audio Introductions, and advanced profile tracking.  The Free account gives you 100 MB of storage versus 1 GB for Professional.

Price / Month Free $9
Sharp, Professional Resume Builder Yes Yes
Visually Stunning Portfolio Builder Yes Yes
Professional Filetype Support Yes Yes
Completely Free of Advertising Yes Yes
Storage 100 MB 1 GB
Your Own Domain - Yes
Social Voice - Yes
Audio Introduction - Yes
Advanced Visitor Tracking - Yes
Sign-Up for Free Sign-Up for Pro

Raveal in the Press
“50 essential web apps for freelancers”

...A newer entrant in this category, Raveal shows a lot of promise.  It’s intended to mix both your portfolio and resume into one entity. It’s an interesting approach...
“Raveal: The Future of Online Job Hunting?”

...Raveal is aimed at the job hunter, promising to represent those who list themselves with the service as people, not assets.  It’s an attractive prospect when you’re coming from a situation where you feel significantly less than human in the meat market that is Monster.  And it has a distinctly simple, clean Web 2.0 look that at least shows the site’s designers take their job seriously...
“Software developer introduces free online resume and portfolio tool”

...Free to its users, Raveal offers an impressive opportunity to build a solid personal source for your occupational identity...